Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings in Fullerton, CA

Dental fillings are a common restorative dental treatment used to repair teeth damaged by decay, fractures, or wear. By filling in cavities and restoring the structure and function of affected teeth, fillings help prevent further decay and preserve oral health. While various materials can be used for fillings, including amalgam (metal) and gold, composite fillings offer a popular and aesthetically pleasing alternative. Our dentist in Fullerton, CA, utilizes composite fillings.

Composite fillings, also known as tooth-colored or white fillings, are made of a blend of plastic resins and finely ground glass particles. This mixture creates a durable, tooth-colored material that closely resembles natural tooth enamel, blending seamlessly with the surrounding teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing restoration.

Placement Process of Composite Fillings

The placement of composite fillings in Fullerton, CA, typically involves the following steps:

Tooth Preparation: The dentist in Fullerton, CA, begins by numbing the tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable experience for the patient. The decayed or damaged portion of the tooth is removed using dental instruments, leaving behind a clean, healthy tooth structure.

Bonding and Layering: The tooth is etched with a mild acidic solution to create a rough surface, allowing the composite resin to bond securely to the tooth. The dentist in Fullerton, CA, applies a bonding agent to the prepared tooth, followed by layers of composite resin material in the desired shade.

Sculpting and Shaping: The composite material is sculpted and shaped to recreate the natural contours and anatomy of the tooth, ensuring a lifelike restoration. Special curing lights are used to harden each layer of composite material, allowing for immediate use of the restored tooth.

Final Polishing: Once the filling is hardened, the dentist trims and polishes the restoration to achieve a smooth surface and natural shine, blending seamlessly with the surrounding enamel.

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Benefits of Composite Fillings in Fullerton, CA

Composite fillings in Fullerton, CA, offer numerous benefits for patients seeking to restore their teeth with precision and aesthetics:

  • Aesthetic Appearance: Composite fillings closely mimic the natural color and appearance of teeth, providing a seamless and natural-looking restoration.
  • Conservative Treatment: Composite fillings require minimal tooth preparation and preserve more healthy tooth structure compared to traditional amalgam fillings.
  • Versatility: Composite fillings in Fullerton, CA, can be used for a variety of dental restorations, including fillings, repairs, and cosmetic enhancements.
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: With proper care and maintenance, composite fillings can provide durable and long-lasting results, restoring the strength and function of damaged teeth.
  • Biocompatibility: Composite fillings are metal-free and biocompatible, making them suitable for patients with metal allergies or sensitivities.

Aftercare and Maintenance of Composite Fillings

Proper aftercare and maintenance are essential for ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of composite fillings in Fullerton, CA:

  • Oral Hygiene: Patients should maintain good oral hygiene habits, including brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and using an antiseptic mouthwash to prevent plaque buildup and gum disease.
  • Avoiding Hard Foods: Patients should avoid biting or chewing on hard objects or foods that may cause damage to the composite filling or surrounding teeth.
  • Avoiding Harmful Habits: Avoid biting your nails, chewing on pens or pencils, or using your teeth as tools to open packages or bottles. These habits can put excessive pressure on the composite fillings and increase the risk of damage or premature wear.
  • Minimize Staining: While composite fillings in Fullerton, CA, are resistant to staining, certain foods and beverages can still cause discoloration over time. Limit your intake of highly pigmented foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and dark-colored berries to reduce the risk of staining.
  • Regular Dental Check-Ups: Routine dental check-ups and cleanings are essential for monitoring the health and integrity of composite fillings and addressing any issues early to prevent complications.


Composite fillings in Fullerton, CA, offer a versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution for restoring teeth damaged by decay, fractures, or wear. With their natural appearance, conservative preparation, and durable results, composite fillings provide patients with a reliable and long-lasting option for preserving oral health and enhancing smiles.

Composite fillings not only provide excellent durability but also offer better resistance to temperature changes compared to metal fillings. Additionally, they require less removal of healthy tooth structure during placement, making them a conservative option for restoring damaged teeth while preserving as much natural tooth as possible. By understanding the composition, advantages, placement process, and aftercare of composite fillings, patients can make informed decisions about their dental care and enjoy the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile for years to come.

If you're looking to enhance your smile and maintain optimal oral health, consider composite fillings in Fullerton, CA, as a reliable solution. To learn more about us or if you are a new patient, visit Berbos Dentistry at 1321 N. Harbor Blvd, Suite 306, Fullerton 92835, or call (714) 526-4867.


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